web design

25 Nov 11

20 Free Minimal Icon Sets for Web Design

The general use of icons have been in existence ever since the birth of the graphical user interface. In web design, image icons not only enhance the look and feel of the user interface, but also improves the user-friendliness of the website. Read more

27 Oct 11

20 Beautiful Free Wavy Backgrounds for Web Design

Usually when I design a web page, let’s say a Christmas e-newsletter, I’ll start off with planning the layout for the content first, and then get to the arty farty stuff. That’s when sometimes I experience the dreaded creative block and say “How in the world do I make this design fantastic?”. Read more

8 Jul 11

20+ Beautiful Black and White Website Designs

Black and white are usually the 2 most used colors when it comes to design, be it digital or print. While statistics show that the most popular color used in websites is blue, dominant colors in a website are still black and white. Read more

12 May 11

40 Awesome Minimal Website Designs

Creating a minimal-looking website is simple – well you just have to avoid putting too much stuff in the design. But making that minimal site look attractive, now that’s the challenge. I’ve always been a fan of minimal stuff – I love the way designers create something that looks so simple but at the same time attracts so much attention. Read more