19 Mar 12

The Home of AzhaRiyanna

After what seemed like ages, the gruelling digital and analogue correspondences with the HDB jedis finally ended with a delightful key-giving ceremony!
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1 Mar 12

Lion City Skaters Best Trick Competition @ *SCAPE

Lion City Skaters are organizing a mini Best Trick Competition tomorrow, and the event promo banner just got approved a while ago. LOL it’s pretty late, but hey we’ve got hardcore skateboarders here in Singapore and I reckon there’s gonna be tough competition tomorrow. Read more

17 Dec 11

SMRT – Moving People, Enhancing Lives… Wait.

Search for ‘smrt’ on Google and the first organic search result will make you laugh (or at least smile) during this time of turmoil.


The website title that contains SMRT’s slogan says ‘SMRT – Moving People, Enhancing Lives’. LOL. Yeah, right. ‘Delaying People, Destroying Lives’ sounds more appropriate.

And looking at the awful position SMRT is in right now, this really shouldn’t be the top result.

And looking at my battery level, I should really charge my iPhone.

18 Aug 11

My Online Store,, Launched!

Finally after months of planning, designing, coding, photo-taking and whatnots, is launched! My baby is born! is an online clothing boutique for women, based in Singapore.
Go visit, it’s cool. You’ll love it, promise.

12 Aug 11

Hyundai Elantra Singapore

Just saw a shining Hyundai Elantra while riding home in KPE. That’s one sexy curvy car man. Plate starts with ‘SKC’.

Hyundai’s car designers and architects seem pretty brilliant in their job. Unlike most Honda or Toyota cars which are so boringly boxy, Hyundai’s models are the contrary.

Sporting sharp sexy curves be it on the doors, hood or windows, the Hyundai Elantra makes itself look exclusively classy. I think since the release of Avante, we can expect more similar cool-looking cars. There’s one more sexy model by Hyundai too, if I’m not mistaken, i45.

However I know nuts about cars so whatever I said above is pretty much crap LOL.

6 Jul 11

Signing Up for a Marriage Preparation Course in Singapore (Kursus Rumahtangga)

Every Muslim couple in Singapore has to undergo a mandatory Marriage Preparation Course before marriage.

Riyanna and me signed up for ours from like a month ago.

The site is great, it lists a lot of venues available for this course and the courses are available not only in mosques but other venues (mostly libraries). Also, the fee is on par with the market rate – my friends signed up for a course like 6 months ago for $260 (per couple), and we’re paying the same price (6 months later).

The process was easy, just that we had to fill up a whole load of information via this online form on their site (we all hate filling up forms right). Then again, that’s still better than traditionally writing on a form. Then we transferred the amount to their bank account and within a day, our seats were sealed.

We registered for the one at Tampines Library. It’s this coming Saturday and Sunday. Can’t wait to see what kinda food they’ve got. LOL.

5 Jul 11

Azhariyanna’s First Healthy Day Out (in 7 Freaking Years)

Tonight, we’re gonna exercise! No, not that exercise, the one that consists of activities like running, doing pull-ups, crunches and all that crap.

We’re heading to Labrador Park.

Most probably, it’s gonna be 30 minutes of really exercising and then 3 hours of chit chatting and munching.

Stay healthy! Keep fit!

Riyanna, meet here?
labrador park

20 May 11

NDP 2011 Ticket Application Now On!

Alright patriotic Singaporeans, the the NDP 2011 ticket application has just rolled out.

The ticket application service will be available from 20th May 2011 till 29th May 2011. So go on and register yourself and pray (if you aren’t a free-thinker) you get some tickets. Here’s the link –

Good luck folks!

27 Apr 11

Kuda Kepang – Syirik

I’ve seen Kuda Kepang performances many times at void decks during weddings but last Sunday was the first time I saw one at the Malay Village at Geylang Serai. And I saw the full performance from start to end. I asked a guy there and he said these acts are performed every Saturday and Sunday. Didn’t know they’re still doing it.

Anyway, here’s a good article I found on Kuda Kepang – (it’s in Malay)