Surah An-Nahl, Verse 79 (Quran 16:79)
22 Mar 14

Surah An-Nahl, Verse 79 (Quran 16:79)

“Do they not see the birds suspended in mid-air up in the sky? Nothing holds them there except Allah. There are certainly signs in that for people who believe.”
– Surah An-Nahl, Verse 79
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22 Mar 14

Surah An-Nahl, Verse 65 (Quran 16:65)

“And Allah has sent down rain from the sky and given life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who listen.”
– Surah An-Nahl, Verse 65
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25 Nov 11

20 Free Minimal Icon Sets for Web Design

The general use of icons have been in existence ever since the birth of the graphical user interface. In web design, image icons not only enhance the look and feel of the user interface, but also improves the user-friendliness of the website. Read more

13 Nov 11

30 Fantastic Free PSD User Interfaces and Web Elements

Photoshop is most definitely the most used software by digital designers, especially web designers, to craft their masterpieces. Most of these Photoshop artworks by these designers would include website templates, user interfaces, mockups and banners. Read more

23 Jul 11

20 Beautiful Typography Portraits of Music Artists

I recently discovered how fun messing around with typography is. Typography, an essential aspect in design, is the art and technique of arranging type.

I was surfing the internet looking for cool typography when I came across awesome portraits made from just type. Read more

8 Jul 11

20+ Beautiful Black and White Website Designs

Black and white are usually the 2 most used colors when it comes to design, be it digital or print. While statistics show that the most popular color used in websites is blue, dominant colors in a website are still black and white. Read more

12 Apr 11

40+ Free PSD Web Templates

Creating mockups is one of the most basic action required in the early stages of a web development project. A website mockup is something every client would request for once they agree to let you design or revamp their website. Read more

write arabic in photoshop
31 Jan 11

Write Arabic Text in Photoshop

Ok, I was designing an e-newsletter and all was going well until I had to do an Arabic version of that newsletter. I did it in Thai and Russian without any problems but I couldn’t seem to write Arabic text in my Photoshop CS3 Extended. Copying the text from my email either returned stupid square shapes with Xs inside, or what seemed like Arabic text on steroids. Read more

11 Jan 10

Photoshop Tutorial – Retro Pop Art Effect Using Simulate Pressure & Color Halftones

Here’s a great tutorial on how to create a Retro Pop Art portrait in Photoshop. It’s for intermediate Photoshoppers, so be sure to know your stuff first before jumping into this tutorial. This tutorial requires a lot of the pen tool, brushes with simulate pressure, some drawing and tracing skill, good color combination and halftones. Read more