21 Dec 19

jQuery Multiple Choice Quiz

Wow, it’s been 5 years since my last blog post… Anyway, I created a beautiful one-page multiple choice quiz using jQuery, HTML and CSS.

Here are some of it’s features:

  • Easy to understand and customize
  • Able to add multiple options
  • Countdown timer included
  • No ugly radio buttons
  • Customizable scoring system
  • Responsive (needs some polishing though)

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20 Nov 11

How to Add a ‘selected’ Class to the Menu Link of the Current Page using jQuery

Differentiating the menu item of a current web page from other menu items is pretty important, generally because it enhances user experience as it instantly tells the user exactly which part of the website he is at. There are many different ways to implement this programmatically, but I’ll only explain the jQuery method here. Read more

17 Apr 11

10 Useful jQuery Snippets for Creating Fade Effects

jQuery is being used by more and more web designers nowadays to create simple animation in web pages. One of the most commonly used effect is the fade in/out effect which is used in image slideshows, button hovers, page loads and more. Read more

6 Jan 11

Hide DIV/SPAN Element Automatically After a Few Seconds Using jQuery

One of the many ways to get 100% attention from your website visitors is to interact with them using popups. Nope, not the 90s, ugly, annoying popup but the neat jQuery modal one. And sometimes you wanna automatically fade out that DIV / SPAN popup element in effort to improve user experience, so here’s something you might find useful.
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3 Nov 10

Solving jQuery Conflicts with other JavaScript Libraries

I was developing a page that for some reason had to use 3 different JavaScript libraries (jQuery, MooTools and Highslide) and got into so much problems. Largely because the different libraries were conflicting with each other. Read more