Joomla 1.6

4 Aug 11

How to Remove ‘Powered by Phoca Gallery’ in Joomla 1.6

Finally, after going through countless files in the com_phocagallery folder, I’ve found the solution! Firebug didn’t help much because there isn’t a class specified for the ‘Powered by Phoca Gallery’ text. Read more

2 Jun 11

How to Check for Home Page in Joomla 1.6 using PHP

I was building this Joomla 1.6 site for a client and I needed to display a banner image only on the home page. So I was thinking – Use the Banners component, or do some coding instead? Components can be boring and I love coding (I think) so I chose the latter. Read more

29 Apr 11

How to Create a Simple Form Using ChronoForms in Joomla 1.6

Not many Joomla developers have made their components, plugins or modules compatible with the new Joomla 1.6. (maker of ChronoForms) is one of the few companies that have made their products fit for J1.6. Read more

25 Apr 11

How to Insert Flash into an Article in Joomla 1.6

I just started using Joomla 1.6 a week ago and I love the enhancements in the administrator backend. There was one problem though – inserting flash into an article was really killing me. TinyMCE kept on messing up my code after I saved the article. Read more