23 Sep 13

Colorful Triangles “Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin” iPhone Wallpaper

Go ahead. Download it.

Don’t be shy.

Background taken from one of iOS 7’s default wallpapers.
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21 Jun 12

How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone and Vice Versa over WIFI using iFile

What’s the simplest and fastest way to transfer a file from your computer to your iPhone? Wirelessly via WIFI, of course.

Photos, .IPA files, text documents, whatever. Read more

18 May 12

Facebook Pages Manager, The New App for Facebook Pages

There’s a new app in town! The Facebook Pages Manager! Like finally.

4 Apr 12

Scramble With Friends High Score – 2000 in 1 Round

Look, I found a new game to exploit! I like to cheat in games because I like to win. LOL

Scramble With Friends High Score - 2000 in 1 Round

18 Mar 12

Pink Floyd Instagram

When I realised Instagram’s icon has colors similar to Pink Floyd’s prism and it could fit in…

Done using Sketchbook Mobile for iPhone.

pink floyd instagram

17 Mar 12

Beautiful Draw Something Doodles

Draw Something? What’s that? Oh, you addict. LOL.

These drawings aren’t really that pretty but I guess 5 minutes of your life wouldn’t be wasted looking at the Draw Something doodles below.

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1 Feb 12

Agnes B. iPhone Wallpapers

My iPhone has been sporting the simple sophisticated Agnes B. look for more than a year now, and I feel she should share her wallpapers with other Agnes B. fans out there. Read more

29 May 11

40 iPhone Wallpapers with Apple Logos

Quite a significant number of iPhone wallpapers with the Apple logo in them are available online, so I decided to pick the top 40 beautiful ones that attracted me. Having a pixel resolution of 640 x 960, these wallpapers look best on the iPhone 4. Read more

4 May 11

20 Cool and Creative iPhone Cases

The iPhone easily attracts creative case-makers because of its sleek shape yet substantial amount of space for case designers to flaunt their creativity. Some of the cases provide additional functionality like a built-in stand or belt buckle and some are just simply attractive. Read more

19 Mar 11

3 Awesome Lock Screen iPhone Apps

The iPhone’s default ‘Slide to unlock’ can be pretty boring. Customizing how you unlock your iPhone would be unique and can also allow for easier unlocking or better security.

There are a few Cydia apps Read more