iPhone apps

21 Jun 12

How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone and Vice Versa over WIFI using iFile

What’s the simplest and fastest way to transfer a file from your computer to your iPhone? Wirelessly via WIFI, of course.

Photos, .IPA files, text documents, whatever. Read more

17 Mar 12

Beautiful Draw Something Doodles

Draw Something? What’s that? Oh, you addict. LOL.

These drawings aren’t really that pretty but I guess 5 minutes of your life wouldn’t be wasted looking at the Draw Something doodles below.

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20 Jun 11

How to Download Music from iPhone, Add to iPod

I first got my iPhone 4 back in September 2010 and after using it for a few days, I wondered – is there a way to download music straight into the iPod app without using a computer? That would be great, populating your iPod on-the-go. Read more

19 Oct 10

ColorSplash iPhone App

ColorSplash is a simple, fun and cool iPhone app that allows you to make certain parts of a photo grayscale and other parts colored.

Although this is the only function of this app, it still is a great app because of its ease of use and great results. Read more

15 Oct 10

How to Install Flash on iPhone 4

Finally, you can view flash in your iPhone 4! Well you have to jailbreak it first. And your OS has got to be at least OS4 I think.

Ok I’ll get straight to the point now. Here’s how to do it.

Download and Install Flash on Your iPhone using Cydia

1. Go to Cydia > Manage > Sources
2. Edit > Add > Type in “”
3. Once the source has been added, just search for “Frash” and tap “Install”
4. Done!

Now go to a website that has flash media in it and get ready to be surprised!

There’s one issue though – you have to tap on the grey box with the word “Flash” at the center to run the flash object. I don’t know how to make it run automatically when the page loads.

Write a comment if it works for you (or doesn’t).

4 Oct 10

Wireless@SG SingTel iPhone App

The Wireless@SG SingTel iPhone app is must-have, man. If you’re in Singapore. Man.

Initially I thought this app was one of those useless crappy apps hanging around in the app store but after trying it, I find it cool.

This app will log you in to Wireless@SG automatically whenever your iPhone detects it. Download the app, enter your login details (or register if you haven’t), tap next and next until you reach the end, and you’re all set.

You’ll notice that whenever you enter a Wireless@SG WIFI zone, you will automatically be logged in because your login details have already been configured in the app.

3G sucks, WIFI is cool and fast.

4 Oct 10

Remote Control Your Computer Using Your iPhone – TeamViewer

You can easily control your PC or Mac with your iPhone. It’s super cool. Go download the TeamViewer app from your iPhone (it’s free) and then download the TeamViewer software to your computer. Here’s the download link –

Now install and run TeamViewer on your computer and you’ll see the user ID and password. Then simply launch the app from your iPhone and key in the TeamViewer your computer’s user ID and password.

Wait a few seconds and walla, you’ll be able to control your computer using your iPhone. Your iPhone is now a mouse + keyboard! Cool lah.