20 Jun 11

How to Download Music from iPhone, Add to iPod

I first got my iPhone 4 back in September 2010 and after using it for a few days, I wondered – is there a way to download music straight into the iPod app without using a computer? That would be great, populating your iPod on-the-go. Read more

15 Oct 10

How to Install Flash on iPhone 4

Finally, you can view flash in your iPhone 4! Well you have to jailbreak it first. And your OS has got to be at least OS4 I think.

Ok I’ll get straight to the point now. Here’s how to do it.

Download and Install Flash on Your iPhone using Cydia

1. Go to Cydia > Manage > Sources
2. Edit > Add > Type in “”
3. Once the source has been added, just search for “Frash” and tap “Install”
4. Done!

Now go to a website that has flash media in it and get ready to be surprised!

There’s one issue though – you have to tap on the grey box with the word “Flash” at the center to run the flash object. I don’t know how to make it run automatically when the page loads.

Write a comment if it works for you (or doesn’t).