Azhar Kamar

19 Mar 12

The Home of AzhaRiyanna

After what seemed like ages, the gruelling digital and analogue correspondences with the HDB jedis finally ended with a delightful key-giving ceremony!
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20 Jan 12

Hey It’s Azhar Kamar Updating His Blog

It’s been almost 2 months since my last post and I feel guilt creeping on me LOL.

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16 Jul 11

The Second Photoshoot


Our second lift lobby photoshoot! At block 43 Teban Gardens road.

Something big is coming…… I hope it’s big.

15 Jul 11

Bangers & Mash and Tom Yum Noodles at Spize, Bedok Corner


So Riyanna and me had dinner at Bedok Corner after our meeting with infamous Pak Andam, Fai Bani, better known by his company name Grandeur Fai.

Bangers & Mash and Tom Yum Noodles.

Oh shit I forgot to take a picture of the food before we destroyed it. Lol.

5 Jul 11

Azhariyanna’s First Healthy Day Out (in 7 Freaking Years)

Tonight, we’re gonna exercise! No, not that exercise, the one that consists of activities like running, doing pull-ups, crunches and all that crap.

We’re heading to Labrador Park.

Most probably, it’s gonna be 30 minutes of really exercising and then 3 hours of chit chatting and munching.

Stay healthy! Keep fit!

Riyanna, meet here?
labrador park

15 Jun 11

Celebrating 7 Years with Riyanna Sadali

Today’s the day I mark 7 years / 84 months / 365 weeks / 2,556 days / 61,360 hours / 3,681,641 minutes / 220,898,482 seconds with Riyanna Sadali. Read more

25 May 11

BuySellAds – Has Been Approved!

Yey! My website has been approved by I submitted once before but got rejected because my site really sucked and had less than 10,000 pageviews per month. Read more

19 May 11

Today, We Start Our Wedding Planning

Alright, today Riyanna and I are gonna commence some real wedding planning shit. LOL.

We’ve been neglecting the planning for the most important upcoming event yet, so I thought we should really give some quality time to it.

Agenda of the meeting – Complete the damn wedding checklist.

Malay wedding preparations are a bitch.

Off we go to…… Starbucks at Suntec. Pizza Hut at Marina Square first.

19 May 11 Website & Logo

Well, I just feel like saying this:’s website design was inspired by Mashable, and the logo was inspired by Ars Technica.

Just wanna note this down.

Thank you guys.

18 Mar 10

New Design for Azhar Kamar’s Blog

With school gone for a while and project deadlines over, I think it’s time I did something to my neglected blog.

Today is the third day I’m working on the new design for my blog. I’ve decided on the concept of using crumpled paper as a background, with graphics and text that incorporate realistic hand-drawn effects. I’m using pastel colours as the main colour theme so as to portray a soft, nice and delicious feeling. Does it work? Is the design cool? Hahaha!

Well I’ll just work on this blog design bit by bit. No rush. No deadline.

Graphic design is creativity plus inspiration. Plus something else that would make it awesome.

Now go on and take a look –