Azhar Kamar is a graphic designer, web developer and lecturer from Singapore who tells stories about web design, coding and all that jazz. He loves milk, pizzas, honey and all things sweet.

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28 Jan 11

PrestaShop – Open Source e-Commerce Software

Alright, let’s try something new. So far, I’ve used Virtuemart (from Joomla), X-Cart and CubeCart. For my new project, I’m gonna try PrestaShop. Read more

25 Jan 11

How to Remove ‘Powered by Drupal’ in Drupal 7 – The Easiest Way

I searched online for ‘remove powered by drupal‘ and came across so many different ways to remove the text. Some aren’t well explained, some are quite tedious and some don’t even work at all. Read more

21 Jan 11

My Top 5 iPhone Apps for Making Music

I’ve downloaded so many music apps and so far only 5 managed to stay in my iPhone.

So here’s my top 5 apps for making, playing or just fooling around with music in the iPhone. If you’re a music kinda person, I strongly recommend these apps.
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12 Jan 11

Mouse Cursor & Pointer PSD File

I use these icons a lot when designing mockups, to illustrate rollover and click events. Thanks to PSD Graphics for sharing! Read more

11 Jan 11

Clean, Minimalistic WordPress e-Commerce Theme

Checkout this simple and clean WordPress shopping cart theme by Billion Studio –

Will be implementing this for one of my upcoming projects soon. ;)

10 Jan 11

Web Safe Fonts For CSS

For Gill Sans though, you gotta use this CSS to make it work:
font-family: "Gill Sans", "Gill Sans MT", Trebuchet, "Times New Roman", Times

6 Jan 11

Hide DIV/SPAN Element Automatically After a Few Seconds Using jQuery

One of the many ways to get 100% attention from your website visitors is to interact with them using popups. Nope, not the 90s, ugly, annoying popup but the neat jQuery modal one. And sometimes you wanna automatically fade out that DIV / SPAN popup element in effort to improve user experience, so here’s something you might find useful.
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4 Jan 11

Using JavaScript to Write into a DIV or SPAN

Here’s a very simple way to insert words or letters or numbers into a DIV or SPAN using JavaScript.

For me, I usually only use this for debugging my JavaScript codes. Here’s one example on how to count the number of clicks on a button and display the increasing/decreasing click hits in a DIV simultaneously.
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3 Nov 10

Solving jQuery Conflicts with other JavaScript Libraries

I was developing a page that for some reason had to use 3 different JavaScript libraries (jQuery, MooTools and Highslide) and got into so much problems. Largely because the different libraries were conflicting with each other. Read more

30 Oct 10

How to Solve the iPhone Touch Sensitivity Problem

After jailbreaking my iPhone 4, I experienced the issue of shitty touch sensitivity especially at the bottom part of the touch screen. They say it’s 10% less sensitive than other areas.

You gotta tap harder for the bloody phone to detect your touch. Sickening, especially when playing Ninjump and Touchgrind. Read more