Azhar Kamar is an interactive designer and web developer from Singapore who tells stories about web design, coding and all that jazz. He loves milk, pizzas, honey and all things sweet.

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18 Mar 11

PrestaShop – Improved ‘Display Number of Products Per Page’ Drop Down List

PrestaShop’s default ‘Display Number of Items’ drop down list in the product category page isn’t very user-friendly, so I decided to improve it functionally and aesthetically. Read more

18 Mar 11

Tag Your Friends in Facebook Comments – New Enhancement

Just a few days after Facebook removed the Submit button in their commenting system for good, now comes another enhancement that we’ve been waiting for.

You can now tag your friends in comments! Read more

10 Mar 11

10+ Awesome Cursive / Handwritten Logos

Logos play a very important part in creating a unique identity for a company. There’s many kinds of logos – image with text inside, image + text, text-only, colorful, monotonous, fat, thin, Read more

10 Mar 11

CSS3 Codes for Rounded Corners

Since Dreamweaver or any web editing software doesn’t do auto-complete for CSS3 rounded corner properties, I find it helpful to have this here. So whenever you wanna throw in rounded corners for your website, just copy and paste this and adjust accordingly. Read more

10 Mar 11

How to Add a Custom Header in PrestaShop

After a few weeks of exploring, I feel PrestaShop is one of the best among the few open source e-commerce solutions out there. PrestaShop uses different file types for their framework – Smarty tags and .TPL files, unlike the more popular CMSes like WordPress and Joomla.
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8 Mar 11

Left Click ‘Save Target As’ PHP Script

Here’s an easy peezy PHP script to mimic the Right click > Save Target As… (or Save Link As, Save Image As, etc.) action in browsers. This script allows you to simply left click and the file dialog box will pop out. Read more

17 Feb 11

Facebook’s New Lightbox Photo Viewer

I heard about this a few weeks ago and now it’s officially launched – Facebook’s New Photo Viewer. Now when you click a photo, a modal window/dialog (or Lightbox as most people call it) will popup.

I think Facebook calls it the ‘Theater‘, Read more

16 Feb 11

Facebook Places Launched in Singapore

The long awaited Facebook Places has finally been launched in Singapore yesterday. It’s not that impressive though, but I believe it’s soon gonna beat the obvious competitor, Foursquare, which is the most popular app to check in to places.
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10 Feb 11

Cool & Creative Facebook Profiles

Alright I bumped into Mashable’s post and got totally eager to create one for my own Facebook profile. Previous Facebook layouts didn’t allow for this, only the new one that was launched in late 2010 did because of the new featured photo thumbnails at the top. Read more