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29 Mar 11

20+ Free High Quality Sans Serif Fonts

There are mainly two types of fonts in this world – Serif and Sans Serif. In this era, Sans serif fonts are much more used in online and print designs as compared to serif fonts. I personally very rarely use Serif fonts in my designs as it is quite Read more

28 Mar 11

30 Circular Logo Designs for Inspiration

Here’s a collection of more than 30 beautiful circular logos for your reference. Logos come in many different shapes and you might have realized that circle-shaped logos are the most commonly used by companies and brands. Read more

26 Mar 11

Improved Recent Comments List Code Snippet for WordPress

Adding a recent comments list in your WordPress blog is a great technique as it can capture the user’s attention and at the same time help to fill up that empty space in your sidebar. Read more

25 Mar 11

The New Firefox 4.0 in a Nutshell

Today, I just downloaded the awesome Firefox 4.0; I must say it’s really great and has exceeded my expectations. Firefox 4 allows users to have better control of their Web experience, an enhanced streamline user interface, cool new features, and a distinct boost in speed. Read more

19 Mar 11

Touchgrind BMX – Coming This Spring

Illusion Labs, the creator of the most popular skateboarding game on the iPhone, has announced that they will be releasing a sequel to Touchgrind, Touchgrind BMX. Touchgrind BMX is the extreme biking version of Touchgrind Read more

19 Mar 11

3 Awesome Lock Screen iPhone Apps

The iPhone’s default ‘Slide to unlock’ can be pretty boring. Customizing how you unlock your iPhone would be unique and can also allow for easier unlocking or better security.

There are a few Cydia apps Read more

18 Mar 11

PrestaShop – Improved ‘Display Number of Products Per Page’ Drop Down List

PrestaShop’s default ‘Display Number of Items’ drop down list in the product category page isn’t very user-friendly, so I decided to improve it functionally and aesthetically. Read more

18 Mar 11

Tag Your Friends in Facebook Comments – New Enhancement

Just a few days after Facebook removed the Submit button in their commenting system for good, now comes another enhancement that we’ve been waiting for.

You can now tag your friends in comments! Read more

10 Mar 11

10+ Awesome Cursive / Handwritten Logos

Logos play a very important part in creating a unique identity for a company. There’s many kinds of logos – image with text inside, image + text, text-only, colorful, monotonous, fat, thin, Read more