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8 Apr 11

30 Priceless Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) to Chuckle About

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It can come when we least expect it, when we are happily playing our favorite game and diligently working on the report due tomorrow. Read more

6 Apr 11

30 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

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Although Google Chrome is just a few years old, it has become the browser of choice for most web developers and designers. Chrome’s browsing speed and the huge list of free ad-ons and extensions available make it hard to beat. Read more

6 Apr 11

50 Glorious Animal Photographs

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Animal photography is one of the most challenging task a photographer can face. It is also a very dangerous task and the photographer has to have good will power, tolerance and a very good understanding of the animal behavior. Read more

6 Apr 11

45+ Amazing Fashion Brochure Design Examples

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One way to know more about fashion and the new trends coming this year is by reading fashion brochures. These can deliver important information about fashion shows, Read more

4 Apr 11

Displaying Breadcrumbs in WordPress

Breadcrumbs are important for web developers who want to provide an aid for their users in navigating through their site, especially in cases where the website contains deep links.

I don’t usually implement breadcrumbs but the client for this particular website Read more

3 Apr 11

21 Free Premium WordPress Themes to Impress

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There are so many premium themes out there, at such a low price that you’re just forbidden to have an ugly website anymore. Read more

31 Mar 11

40+ Funny Print Advertisements

Displaying a print advertisement is one of the many ways a company can use to convey a message to the masses pertaining to their products, ideas, or services. There’s the typical straight-forward kind of advertisement, the uniquely creative ones, and the wacky and funny ads. Read more

29 Mar 11

20+ Free High Quality Sans Serif Fonts

There are mainly two types of fonts in this world – Serif and Sans Serif. In this era, Sans serif fonts are much more used in online and print designs as compared to serif fonts. I personally very rarely use Serif fonts in my designs as it is quite Read more

28 Mar 11

30 Circular Logo Designs for Inspiration

Here’s a collection of more than 30 beautiful circular logos for your reference. Logos come in many different shapes and you might have realized that circle-shaped logos are the most commonly used by companies and brands. Read more