Azhar Kamar is a graphic designer, web developer and lecturer from Singapore who tells stories about web design, coding and all that jazz. He loves milk, pizzas, honey and all things sweet.

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4 May 11

20 Cool and Creative iPhone Cases

The iPhone easily attracts creative case-makers because of its sleek shape yet substantial amount of space for case designers to flaunt their creativity. Some of the cases provide additional functionality like a built-in stand or belt buckle and some are just simply attractive. Read more

4 May 11

How to Allow Users to Submit Links to Your Website – WordPress Plugin

Allowing users to submit their links to your website sure is an effective way to increase traffic to your site. Targeted traffic, we hope. And minus dealing with those uncivilized spammers. Read more

3 May 11

10 Creative Stop Motion Ads from Big Companies

Stop motion is an animation technique that has been used since the 1900s. This technique only requires the use of a camera (or video camera) to shoot stills and without any computer generated effects, can achieve awesome and unique results. Read more

29 Apr 11

How to Create a Simple Form Using ChronoForms in Joomla 1.6

Not many Joomla developers have made their components, plugins or modules compatible with the new Joomla 1.6. (maker of ChronoForms) is one of the few companies that have made their products fit for J1.6. Read more

25 Apr 11

How to Insert Flash into an Article in Joomla 1.6

I just started using Joomla 1.6 a week ago and I love the enhancements in the administrator backend. There was one problem though – inserting flash into an article was really killing me. TinyMCE kept on messing up my code after I saved the article. Read more

17 Apr 11

10 Useful jQuery Snippets for Creating Fade Effects

jQuery is being used by more and more web designers nowadays to create simple animation in web pages. One of the most commonly used effect is the fade in/out effect which is used in image slideshows, button hovers, page loads and more. Read more

17 Apr 11

2 Useful WordPress Admin Hacks

I’ve been using WordPress for just almost 2 years and there are generally 2 features that I would love to change in the WordPress admin. First is the autosave feature and second, the post revisions. These are great features, by the way, but they can be further tweaked for more comfort. Read more

12 Apr 11

40+ Free PSD Web Templates

Creating mockups is one of the most basic action required in the early stages of a web development project. A website mockup is something every client would request for once they agree to let you design or revamp their website. Read more