Azhar Kamar is a graphic designer, web developer and lecturer from Singapore who tells stories about web design, coding and all that jazz. He loves milk, pizzas, honey and all things sweet.

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16 Jun 11

20+ Creative HTML5 Websites

Good website designers and developers build their sites using the latest technologies and trends. There has been a number of web design and development trends and standards these past few years – tableless layout, fullscreen Flash, CSS3, jQuery and more. Read more

5 Jun 11

20 Useful Websites Offering Free High Quality PSDs

I use Photoshop almost every single day so PSD files play a very significant role in my life. So where there’s free PSDs, there’d be hungry designers there too. Read more

3 Jun 11

2 Ways to Tag Friends on Facebook

Most of us already know how to tag your friends in comments and statuses using the ‘@’ symbol. A popup will appear and you select your friend. That’s Twitter’s style, tagging someone using the ‘@’ symbol. Now Facebook is using it too. Wow that’s so cool. Read more

2 Jun 11

How to Check for Home Page in Joomla 1.6 using PHP

I was building this Joomla 1.6 site for a client and I needed to display a banner image only on the home page. So I was thinking – Use the Banners component, or do some coding instead? Components can be boring and I love coding (I think) so I chose the latter. Read more

29 May 11

40 iPhone Wallpapers with Apple Logos

Quite a significant number of iPhone wallpapers with the Apple logo in them are available online, so I decided to pick the top 40 beautiful ones that attracted me. Having a pixel resolution of 640 x 960, these wallpapers look best on the iPhone 4. Read more

24 May 11

30 Creative Packaging Designs

There are many ways to drive customers to your product and the most effective way would be giving the product good exposure to the masses by advertising – print ads, online ads, TV ads, and other mediums. Read more

21 May 11

30 Creative Textual Logos

We all know how important a logo is to a company or brand. There are many types of logo designs – textual, circular, squarish, super fancy, black and white, multi-colored, and all that jazz. But there’s one thing that I notice about most attractive logos – they tend to have a minimalistic design. Read more

16 May 11

The New Facebook Email

As you might already know, Facebook rolled out their new messaging feature – a personalized email address ( reported this on November 15th, 2010). I just got the notification that my Facebook email address had been set up this morning (here in Singapore) so I’ll just explain a bit on what I know about it. Read more

12 May 11

40 Awesome Minimal Website Designs

Creating a minimal-looking website is simple – well you just have to avoid putting too much stuff in the design. But making that minimal site look attractive, now that’s the challenge. I’ve always been a fan of minimal stuff – I love the way designers create something that looks so simple but at the same time attracts so much attention. Read more