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29 Feb 12

How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

My blog has been using the Download Monitor WordPress plugin for about 2 years now and I’ve been loving it since. So when a client wanted a function whereby admins can upload files from the backend for registered users to download from the frontend, I immediately knew which WordPress plugin to turn to. Read more

1 Feb 12

How to use FlexSlider with HTML5 Boilerplate, Initializr

I first came across the HTML5 Boilerplate a few months back; ever since then, I’ve tried to persuade my inner web-standard soul to find the time to mess around with it. And so I did a few weeks back and honestly, I took quite some time to fully comprehend why in wintered hell this HTML5 kitchen-utensil-thing would be useful for my projects. Read more

25 Nov 11

20 Free Minimal Icon Sets for Web Design

The general use of icons have been in existence ever since the birth of the graphical user interface. In web design, image icons not only enhance the look and feel of the user interface, but also improves the user-friendliness of the website. Read more

24 Nov 11

Magento – Modifying the Default Message Alert Box to look like a Popup Dialog

Magento developers out there, here’s a simple way to replace the default error/success notification box (the message that appears after you submit forms) to one that looks like a modal dialog popup using some simple JavaScript and CSS. Read more

20 Nov 11

How to Add a ‘selected’ Class to the Menu Link of the Current Page using jQuery

Differentiating the menu item of a current web page from other menu items is pretty important, generally because it enhances user experience as it instantly tells the user exactly which part of the website he is at. There are many different ways to implement this programmatically, but I’ll only explain the jQuery method here. Read more

13 Nov 11

30 Fantastic Free PSD User Interfaces and Web Elements

Photoshop is most definitely the most used software by digital designers, especially web designers, to craft their masterpieces. Most of these Photoshop artworks by these designers would include website templates, user interfaces, mockups and banners. Read more

10 Nov 11

How to Edit the Footer in Your WordPress Backend

Here’s a simple way to modify the footer in your WordPress backend, just by adding a function in your theme’s functions.php file. You can change to any text you want or simply remove it completely. Read more

27 Oct 11

20 Beautiful Free Wavy Backgrounds for Web Design

Usually when I design a web page, let’s say a Christmas e-newsletter, I’ll start off with planning the layout for the content first, and then get to the arty farty stuff. That’s when sometimes I experience the dreaded creative block and say “How in the world do I make this design fantastic?”. Read more

27 Oct 11

How to Block Application Invites from Friends on Facebook

Some people just wouldn’t stop sending those Facebook app invites right? These annoying requests usually come from games like the infamous Texas Poker or Mafia Wars from the online gaming mafia, Zynga. So do you murder that friend who sends you the app invites every millisecond of every second? Read more

24 Oct 11

SQL Query in phpMyAdmin to Change All Passwords to MD5

Hello there folks! Ok, so here’s the story. I had to batch create Joomla users (about 4000 of them) from an excel file that my client provided. So I created all the users successfully (using phpMyAdmin), but there was one problem. Read more