15 Oct 10

How to Install Flash on iPhone 4

Finally, you can view flash in your iPhone 4! Well you have to jailbreak it first. And your OS has got to be at least OS4 I think.

Ok I’ll get straight to the point now. Here’s how to do it.

Download and Install Flash on Your iPhone using Cydia

1. Go to Cydia > Manage > Sources
2. Edit > Add > Type in “”
3. Once the source has been added, just search for “Frash” and tap “Install”
4. Done!

Now go to a website that has flash media in it and get ready to be surprised!

There’s one issue though – you have to tap on the grey box with the word “Flash” at the center to run the flash object. I don’t know how to make it run automatically when the page loads.

Write a comment if it works for you (or doesn’t).

13 Oct 10

My Top 5 iPhone Games

So here are the top 5 games that I love the most.

1. High Noon

My favorite game so far. Been playing since early this year when I haven’t even gotten my iPhone yet.

High Noon is an online multi-player game and requires internet connection. In this game, you’re a cowboy whose supposed to go on a one-on-one duel with people all around the world. You’ll always be fighting online with real people in real-time – that’s what makes this game even more fun. The game concept is a 3rd person shooter, and it’s all about steady hands and good aiming.

You can climb your way up to higher levels by killing more people and gaining money and wampum. You can also dress yourself and buy new guns and loads of other stuff.

This game is super duper addictive and I guarantee anyone would love it.
And best of all, it’s free.

Official site:

2. Touchgrind

Touchgrind is the longest iPhone game I’ve played, and I never get tired of it. It’s like playing Tech Deck in real life – and the true-physics and awesome graphics will get you glued. You’ll be able to pull off many street tricks – flips, shove-its, grinds and crazy combinations. You can also customize your deck by using your own photos.

However, I guess you’ll love this game only if you enjoy skateboarding in real life. :)
Skaters out there, this is theee game for you.

Official site:

3. Doodlejump

Doodlejump is a fun game where you, an alien creature, have to keep jumping and climbing up platforms to nowhere. But trust me, it’s extremely fun and addictive. And silly.

Official site:

4. Cut the Rope

In this puzzle game, your main objective is to cut ropes that holds a candy at the end, to feed the small green monster at the bottom. Cut the Rope tests your judgment and puzzle solving skills, and is a brilliant mix of cool physics and cartoon cuteness. And it makes you really wanna keep cutting stuff. :D

Official site:

5. Guerrilla Bob

Guerrilla Bob is an RPG shooter game with smooth and sweet visuals and plenty of weaponry. This game is one of those that are really high in game world level and mechanics.

Guerrilla Bob is for the trigger-happy and those who love shooting frenzies.

Official site:

So there you are, my five favorite games within a week after getting my iPhone. Jail-broken iPhone. :D

4 Oct 10

Wireless@SG SingTel iPhone App

The Wireless@SG SingTel iPhone app is must-have, man. If you’re in Singapore. Man.

Initially I thought this app was one of those useless crappy apps hanging around in the app store but after trying it, I find it cool.

This app will log you in to Wireless@SG automatically whenever your iPhone detects it. Download the app, enter your login details (or register if you haven’t), tap next and next until you reach the end, and you’re all set.

You’ll notice that whenever you enter a Wireless@SG WIFI zone, you will automatically be logged in because your login details have already been configured in the app.

3G sucks, WIFI is cool and fast.

4 Oct 10

iPhone Zoomed in Screen Problem – Triple Tap!

If you’ve got an iPhone OS version 3.2 and above, the triple tap function will work for you. What it does is it simply zooms into your screen to about 50%.

I wasn’t aware of this so when I accidentally triple tapped my screen (I don’t know how I did it but I did it), I thought my phone went crazy or something. After being an idiot for a few minutes, I found out that it was the triple tap. Bloody hell knn ccb.

So here’s the deal – Triple tap to zoom in, and triple tap again to zoom out.

4 Oct 10

Remote Control Your Computer Using Your iPhone – TeamViewer

You can easily control your PC or Mac with your iPhone. It’s super cool. Go download the TeamViewer app from your iPhone (it’s free) and then download the TeamViewer software to your computer. Here’s the download link –

Now install and run TeamViewer on your computer and you’ll see the user ID and password. Then simply launch the app from your iPhone and key in the TeamViewer your computer’s user ID and password.

Wait a few seconds and walla, you’ll be able to control your computer using your iPhone. Your iPhone is now a mouse + keyboard! Cool lah.