30 Jul 11

20 Sleek Social Media Icon Sets

Social media icons? Almost every website in the world wide web has social media icons tucked somewhere in its web pages. It has become a norm to have this; if your site doesn’t, your site’s ancient.

So you’ve seen such icons in all kinds of cool shapes, colors and sizes on high profile websites, and you envy them. Read more

16 Jul 11

20 Useful CSS Tools You’ll Need

Cascading Stylesheets are one of the many things we designers and developers encounter in our daily quest to rule the web. Without style, everything would obviously look dead boring and similar, and so will websites. Read more

20 Jun 11

How to Download Music from iPhone, Add to iPod

I first got my iPhone 4 back in September 2010 and after using it for a few days, I wondered – is there a way to download music straight into the iPod app without using a computer? That would be great, populating your iPod on-the-go. Read more

29 Mar 11

20+ Free High Quality Sans Serif Fonts

There are mainly two types of fonts in this world – Serif and Sans Serif. In this era, Sans serif fonts are much more used in online and print designs as compared to serif fonts. I personally very rarely use Serif fonts in my designs as it is quite Read more

19 Mar 11

Touchgrind BMX – Coming This Spring

Illusion Labs, the creator of the most popular skateboarding game on the iPhone, has announced that they will be releasing a sequel to Touchgrind, Touchgrind BMX. Touchgrind BMX is the extreme biking version of Touchgrind Read more

19 Mar 11

3 Awesome Lock Screen iPhone Apps

The iPhone’s default ‘Slide to unlock’ can be pretty boring. Customizing how you unlock your iPhone would be unique and can also allow for easier unlocking or better security.

There are a few Cydia apps Read more

21 Jan 11

My Top 5 iPhone Apps for Making Music

I’ve downloaded so many music apps and so far only 5 managed to stay in my iPhone.

So here’s my top 5 apps for making, playing or just fooling around with music in the iPhone. If you’re a music kinda person, I strongly recommend these apps.
Read more

30 Oct 10

How to Solve the iPhone Touch Sensitivity Problem

After jailbreaking my iPhone 4, I experienced the issue of shitty touch sensitivity especially at the bottom part of the touch screen. They say it’s 10% less sensitive than other areas.

You gotta tap harder for the bloody phone to detect your touch. Sickening, especially when playing Ninjump and Touchgrind. Read more

19 Oct 10

ColorSplash iPhone App

ColorSplash is a simple, fun and cool iPhone app that allows you to make certain parts of a photo grayscale and other parts colored.

Although this is the only function of this app, it still is a great app because of its ease of use and great results. Read more