21 Dec 19

jQuery Multiple Choice Quiz

Wow, it’s been 5 years since my last blog post… Anyway, I created a beautiful one-page multiple choice quiz using jQuery, HTML and CSS.

Here are some of it’s features:

  • Easy to understand and customize
  • Able to add multiple options
  • Countdown timer included
  • No ugly radio buttons
  • Customizable scoring system
  • Responsive (needs some polishing though)

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23 Sep 13

Colorful Triangles “Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin” iPhone Wallpaper

Go ahead. Download it.

Don’t be shy.

Background taken from one of iOS 7’s default wallpapers.
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13 Mar 12

Facebook Profile and Page Timeline PSD Template Free Download

So you’re all hyped up about creating that cool Facebook timeline profile or page? Of course you are. Well I’m pleased to announce that you’ve just won yourself a free, juicy Facebook page and profile timeline PSD template! LOL
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25 Nov 11

20 Free Minimal Icon Sets for Web Design

The general use of icons have been in existence ever since the birth of the graphical user interface. In web design, image icons not only enhance the look and feel of the user interface, but also improves the user-friendliness of the website. Read more

13 Nov 11

30 Fantastic Free PSD User Interfaces and Web Elements

Photoshop is most definitely the most used software by digital designers, especially web designers, to craft their masterpieces. Most of these Photoshop artworks by these designers would include website templates, user interfaces, mockups and banners. Read more

27 Oct 11

20 Beautiful Free Wavy Backgrounds for Web Design

Usually when I design a web page, let’s say a Christmas e-newsletter, I’ll start off with planning the layout for the content first, and then get to the arty farty stuff. That’s when sometimes I experience the dreaded creative block and say “How in the world do I make this design fantastic?”. Read more

5 Jun 11

20 Useful Websites Offering Free High Quality PSDs

I use Photoshop almost every single day so PSD files play a very significant role in my life. So where there’s free PSDs, there’d be hungry designers there too. Read more

12 Apr 11

40+ Free PSD Web Templates

Creating mockups is one of the most basic action required in the early stages of a web development project. A website mockup is something every client would request for once they agree to let you design or revamp their website. Read more

9 Feb 11

Pink Polka Dot iPhone Background Wallpapers

So my girlfriend the Kate Spade maniac has this pink polka dot Kate Spade iPhone 4 silicon case and she madly wanted a wallpaper with that same design, so I did it and thought I’d just share it with the world.
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12 Jan 11

Mouse Cursor & Pointer PSD File

I use these icons a lot when designing mockups, to illustrate rollover and click events. Thanks to PSD Graphics for sharing! Read more