7 Feb 11

Agnes B. iPhone Case

I like this agnes b iPhone 4 case. I think the one with the star looks better for me as it doesn’t look as girly as the one with the ‘b’ logo. And the Swarovski crystals are colored better.

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5 Feb 11

Wedding Card Design Ideas

I need some inspiration for my wedding invite design.

Here’s some cool ones I found. Read more

4 Feb 11

Alvotor T-Shirt Design Contest

Alvotor T-Shirt Design Contest

3 Feb 11

3 Facebook Commerce Success Stories – Mashable

3 Facebook Commerce Success Stories

18 Jan 11

Predestination in Islam

I dig this sentence:
“A person’s action is not caused by what is written in the Preserved Tablet (al-Lawhu ‘l-Mahfuz) but, rather, the action is written in the Preserved Tablet because God already knows all occurrences without the restrictions of time.” Read more

18 Jan 11

Funny Chain Letter Review

Here’s some funny shit on chain letters. The image at the bottom is hilarious.

17 Jan 11

Our Deepest Condolences to Sri Azwyn

I express my deepest condolences to my fiancee’s childhood friend, Sri Azwyn, on her husband’s passing this morning. Her husband, Mahathir, got into an accident and died this morning while at work. I don’t know them, but I do know this – Being widowed at a young age of 26 is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. The mere thought can bring you to tears. And, she’s pregnant too.

Let’s all give Al-Fatihah to her husband, Mahathir, and pray that God will bless Sri Azwyn especially during these sad moments of her life.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un
Verily we belong to God, and to God we return.

8 Jan 11

The Final Exam Results

Please God, help me pass this final exam……

Thank you.

6 Jul 10

Just A Bit About The 2010 FIFA World Cup

The World Cup this year seems very different. Most of the good teams were lacking in performance, name England, France and Italy. Maybe they thought they were still in the qualifying rounds. All their 3 games in the Group matches suck. Well at least the Englishmen made it to the Round of 16.

Unlike France and Italy. These 2 didn’t even get to the Round of 16. Italy were quite okay though, just that the Slovakian guys surprisingly were faster and better. France should just go home after their first match.

The Semi-finals are just around the corner – Tomorrow! Lets take a peek at the countries playing in the semis.

World Cup 2010 Semi-finals

For the Semis, Uruguay will meet Netherlands and Germany will fight Spain. Here’s some interesting facts about the teams.


– This is Uruguay’s 11th appearance in the FIFA World Cup.
– Uruguay hosted the inaugural FIFA World Cup finals in 1930 and became champions after defeating Argentina 4-2 in the Final.
– The last time that the Uruguayans got into the Semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup was at Mexico in 1970, when they finished fourth.


– Netherlands have played in 8 World Cups so far (including this one).
– They’ve never gotten the cup; Twice runner-up in 1974 and 1978, and fourth at France 1998.


– Germany have won the FIFA World Cup three times in 1954, 1974 and 1990.
– The Germans made it to the World Cup Final seven times, same with Brazil.
– Germany have contested four penalty shoot-outs at the FIFA World Cup finals, winning all of them.
– Germany has made 17 World Cup appearances.


– Spain made into the record books when they won ten out of ten games in the South Africa 2010 qualifiers.
– The Spanish have taken part in all the finals of the World Cups and have not missed a single one since 1974.
– This is Spain’s 13th FIFA World Cup appearance.

Who will Win the World Cup 2010 Title?

Of course I don’t know. Haha! Hmmm… According to my lousy prediction, I think Germany will meet the Dutch in the Grand Final, and Germany will win. Spain will get the third place. Or maybe Spain will win the World Cup.

16 Jun 10

Brazil VS North Korea Live Video Streaming – World Cup 2010

For Singaporeans, watching the World Cup at home would cost around $80 (thank you, Singtel) and most people are switching to the free alternative, online video streaming. Thanks to Live, we’re able to watch reasonably clear and very speedy streaming videos of World Cup matches online.

Among the few websites that offer free live video streaming of the FIFA World Cup 2010 matches are, and

And the great thing is that the videos are freely shared by UStream in iframes and anyone can embed the iframes containing the live video stream in their website or blog. And that’s what I’ve done for the upcoming match later today, Brazil versus North Korea, at 2:30AM Singapore time. The video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
If the video doesn’t play, click here or here.

Brazil VS North Korea (Johannesburg Stadium) – Match 14, Group H

Result: Brazil 2 – North Korea 1