19 Apr 11

Good Friday & Labour Day – 2 Long Weekends Coming Up!

Singaporean 5-day week workers, be happy cause 2 public holidays are coming up – Good Friday on Friday, 22 April 2011 and Labour Day on Monday, 2 May 2011. That effectively means, long weekends!

Ok now back to the WordPress changes.

18 Apr 11

The Time is Your Block Number

Have you ever looked at your watch and find that the time shown is your block number? I have, and I can say quite a handful number of times. Experiencing this once or twice is cool, but too much coincidences are always spooky.

I just think it’s a cool phenomenon that’s all.

14 Apr 11

Accident at KPE Before Nicoll Highway Exit

There has been an accident involving 2 taxis and a car at KPE right before Nicoll Highway exit at around 8.50AM this morning. This is the first accident I’ve seen in the Kallang–Paya Lebar expressway since I started using it (everyday to work) in 2009.

12 Apr 11

Assolatuwassalam Lyrics

Finally found the lyrics to the arabic song Assolatuwassalam by Raihan (featuring Amaluddin). This song gets stuck in my head once in a while. I found the lyrics here – Thanks for sharing, Dieya. Read more

11 Apr 11

SIM Graduation This Friday!


Can’t wait for the whole convocation to be over and feast on all the food.

On a serious note, I’d like to thank firstly God, for helping me make it out from SIM as a Bachelor of Computer Science in Multimedia and Game Development.

Also, thank you to my parents and favorite aunt Mamitam for all the motivational and financial support.

Thank you to Riyanna Sadali, my awesome fiancee, for being by my side throughout my 2 years of bizarre and dramatic school-life.

And lastly, thank you to friends and all others who has helped me along the way.

It’s definitely not easy juggling full-time work, part-time school, freelance jobs and play. Really.

26 Mar 11

Sendoid Kills YouSendIt

Sendoid is a peer-to-peer file transfer website that allows for instant and private large file transfer in the browser. Read more

26 Mar 11

Penalties For Not Going For IPPT / RT

Not attending the Remedial Training for your IPPT that you failed or defaulted is obviously a chargeable offence.

MINDEF will send you the SAF 264 letter telling you to be at NSSC (in CMPB) on a weekday to face the charge. First time offenders will just receive a reprimand and then will have to book your RT on the spot.

If you repeat the offense for the second time (like me) you will be given 2 choices for punishment:
1. Pay a $100 fine
2. Go to DB for 3 days

For the third and consecutive offences, I think the fine would just go up and up because I saw 1 guy being fined $150 and another dude $300.

The CMPB pass office people won’t let you in if your hair is dyed. They rejected me and told me to color my hair black at the salon far far away.

17 Mar 11

Facebook Comments Update – Press Enter to Post Your Comment

Alright now Facebook junkies, you might have noticed that there’s something different happening when you’re commenting in your friend’s status. Read more

14 Feb 11

Winners from the 53rd Grammy Awards, 2011

So here are the winners from the 53rd annual Grammy Awards, 2011. Read more

7 Feb 11

I Lost My Agnes B Wallet

lost agnes b homme wallet Read more