15 Jun 11

Celebrating 7 Years with Riyanna Sadali

Today’s the day I mark 7 years / 84 months / 365 weeks / 2,556 days / 61,360 hours / 3,681,641 minutes / 220,898,482 seconds with Riyanna Sadali. Read more

13 Jun 11

Facebook’s ‘It’s complicated’ – Comic

Here’s something funny I found on (

facebook it's complicated

6 Jun 11

‘AdChoices’ Replaces ‘Ads by Google’

Just noticed there’s a new in-ads notice label and icon – AdChoices. It’s replacing the former ‘Ads by Google’ label.

To me, the AdChoices label is better cause it’s a shorter word! And the new icon looks better that the old ‘i’ icon. Read more

25 May 11

BuySellAds – Has Been Approved!

Yey! My website has been approved by I submitted once before but got rejected because my site really sucked and had less than 10,000 pageviews per month. Read more

20 May 11

NDP 2011 Ticket Application Now On!

Alright patriotic Singaporeans, the the NDP 2011 ticket application has just rolled out.

The ticket application service will be available from 20th May 2011 till 29th May 2011. So go on and register yourself and pray (if you aren’t a free-thinker) you get some tickets. Here’s the link –

Good luck folks!

19 May 11

Today, We Start Our Wedding Planning

Alright, today Riyanna and I are gonna commence some real wedding planning shit. LOL.

We’ve been neglecting the planning for the most important upcoming event yet, so I thought we should really give some quality time to it.

Agenda of the meeting – Complete the damn wedding checklist.

Malay wedding preparations are a bitch.

Off we go to…… Starbucks at Suntec. Pizza Hut at Marina Square first.

19 May 11 Website & Logo

Well, I just feel like saying this:‘s website design was inspired by Mashable, and the logo was inspired by Ars Technica.

Just wanna note this down.

Thank you guys.

27 Apr 11

Kuda Kepang – Syirik

I’ve seen Kuda Kepang performances many times at void decks during weddings but last Sunday was the first time I saw one at the Malay Village at Geylang Serai. And I saw the full performance from start to end. I asked a guy there and he said these acts are performed every Saturday and Sunday. Didn’t know they’re still doing it.

Anyway, here’s a good article I found on Kuda Kepang – (it’s in Malay)

22 Apr 11

How I Recovered Deleted Photos From My Nikon D40 MicroSD Card

Earlier today, I utilized a very useful software, Recuva, that can recover deleted files from your computer and even from external media like digital camera memory cards or MP3 players. That was the first time I used such a program and I must say I’m quite impressed.

You can download it for free from CNet – Read more