16 Jul 11

The Second Photoshoot


Our second lift lobby photoshoot! At block 43 Teban Gardens road.

Something big is coming…… I hope it’s big.

15 Jul 11

Bangers & Mash and Tom Yum Noodles at Spize, Bedok Corner


So Riyanna and me had dinner at Bedok Corner after our meeting with infamous Pak Andam, Fai Bani, better known by his company name Grandeur Fai.

Bangers & Mash and Tom Yum Noodles.

Oh shit I forgot to take a picture of the food before we destroyed it. Lol.

13 Jul 11

Pall Mall Krystal Storm, My New Friend

Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to promote smoking. It’s merely an information-based article from a user’s perspective and experience from a brand of cigarette.

First and foremost, I’d like to emphasize that smoking is harmful and it’ll cause health, family and other problems, if not now, later. Yeah guys it’s true. It’s gonna happen to you. Nah, joking.

Today I found myself a new friend, Mr Pall Mall Krystal Storm. He’s cool, as in literally cool, like Viceroy Freeze or Next Chill.

But why I love him more is, he costs a mere $8.70 only! That’s about a dollar cheaper than the 2 other cigarette brands up there, so I’m sticking with this guy. Also, the filter’s unique design really attracts me (most eccentric designers would agree with me).

I think he’s new in the market. It’s becoming a trend for these cigarette makers to produce a cooler menthol brand of cigarettes.

So friends, what’s your favorite killer? Marlboro Ice Blast, Viceroy Freeze, Next Chill, or Pall Mall Krystal Storm?

Marlboro Ice Blast, fret not, you are still the Queen of my heart.

12 Jul 11

My First Ad Sold on

So last night I was just checking my email and I saw an email from sitting calmly in my Inbox. Read more

6 Jul 11

Signing Up for a Marriage Preparation Course in Singapore (Kursus Rumahtangga)

Every Muslim couple in Singapore has to undergo a mandatory Marriage Preparation Course before marriage.

Riyanna and me signed up for ours from like a month ago.

The site is great, it lists a lot of venues available for this course and the courses are available not only in mosques but other venues (mostly libraries). Also, the fee is on par with the market rate – my friends signed up for a course like 6 months ago for $260 (per couple), and we’re paying the same price (6 months later).

The process was easy, just that we had to fill up a whole load of information via this online form on their site (we all hate filling up forms right). Then again, that’s still better than traditionally writing on a form. Then we transferred the amount to their bank account and within a day, our seats were sealed.

We registered for the one at Tampines Library. It’s this coming Saturday and Sunday. Can’t wait to see what kinda food they’ve got. LOL.

5 Jul 11

Azhariyanna’s First Healthy Day Out (in 7 Freaking Years)

Tonight, we’re gonna exercise! No, not that exercise, the one that consists of activities like running, doing pull-ups, crunches and all that crap.

We’re heading to Labrador Park.

Most probably, it’s gonna be 30 minutes of really exercising and then 3 hours of chit chatting and munching.

Stay healthy! Keep fit!

Riyanna, meet here?
labrador park

27 Jun 11

What to Do When Your Electronic Gadget Gets Wet

Samantha Murphy has shared some tips on what to do when your electronic device gets wet.

Do not try to be a smartass and use a hair dryer. Use your microwave. LOL kidding.

Alright I’ll quote her:

… resist all temptation to pick up a hair dryer or let the device sit in the sun to help along the drying process. Gadgets need to be dried with still, dry air, not with excess heat.


Drying the device shouldn’t stop with just cleaning up the wet areas. Place the device into a covered bowl or container of dry, uncooked rice to soak up all of the moisture from the device. It should sit there overnight in a cool, dry place.

Uncover the container the next morning, remove the device and hope for the best.

Now go on and dip your iPhone into some water and try it out.

F**k That Guy / Dumb Bitch

25 Jun 11



Just chillin’ at work.

That’s Neo’s cappucino flavored mini cigars. YUMMY.

NO, smoking is bad for you.

21 Jun 11

Facebook Singapore is Hiring!

Alright folks, Facebook has quietly set up an office in Singapore and is now hiring. The open positions available are in sales, corporate communications, account management, recruitment and human resource (unfortunately they don’t need a creative team).

According to its ACRA listing, the company’s registered address is at Millenia Tower where law firm Baker & McKenzie and Wong & Leow is currently located.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes, click here.