11 Sep 11

Queen Girl Band – Musically Oblivious 8th Grader


8 Sep 11

Tony Tan Hairstyle Meme – Y U No Guy


7 Sep 11

Parking Coupon Meme – Yao Ming


18 Aug 11

My Online Store,, Launched!

Finally after months of planning, designing, coding, photo-taking and whatnots, is launched! My baby is born! is an online clothing boutique for women, based in Singapore.
Go visit, it’s cool. You’ll love it, promise.

12 Aug 11

Hyundai Elantra Singapore

Just saw a shining Hyundai Elantra while riding home in KPE. That’s one sexy curvy car man. Plate starts with ‘SKC’.

Hyundai’s car designers and architects seem pretty brilliant in their job. Unlike most Honda or Toyota cars which are so boringly boxy, Hyundai’s models are the contrary.

Sporting sharp sexy curves be it on the doors, hood or windows, the Hyundai Elantra makes itself look exclusively classy. I think since the release of Avante, we can expect more similar cool-looking cars. There’s one more sexy model by Hyundai too, if I’m not mistaken, i45.

However I know nuts about cars so whatever I said above is pretty much crap LOL.

30 Jul 11

My First Cheque from Google AdSense!

Today I came home and opened my drawer seeing a pile of letters. The one on top says ‘Registered Letter’.

Freaking parking fine. Bummer. Next.

Hmmm… a mysterious letter that says nothing. I tore it open and walla, It’s a cute little letter from Google! Enclosed was a cheque from my AdSense earnings! Read more

28 Jul 11

Girlfriend Shopping Rage


28 Jul 11

Welcome to Uni Qlo


26 Jul 11

Mensus + Laptop = Me Gusta


19 Jul 11

My Foursquare Tees Arrived!

Alright folks, the two Foursquare tees I ordered 2 weeks ago finally showed up in my drawer! Magic!

Ok actually the DHL guy sent them over.

Fits meh well. Me gusta.

Most importantly, whenever I wear this shirt…… I will be the freaking mayor of everywhere I go.


Oh yeah, thanks YK, for the discount code. ;)