18 May 12

Facebook Pages Manager, The New App for Facebook Pages

There’s a new app in town! The Facebook Pages Manager! Like finally.

28 Apr 12

AzhaRiyanna’s Save The Date

Finally satisfied with my wedding invite card design! I decided to go with a minimal concept with colors black, white, some red and shades of grey.

The front side of the postcard style invite can be seen on our upcoming wedding site. Read more

4 Apr 12

Scramble With Friends High Score – 2000 in 1 Round

Look, I found a new game to exploit! I like to cheat in games because I like to win. LOL

Scramble With Friends High Score - 2000 in 1 Round

19 Mar 12

The Home of AzhaRiyanna

After what seemed like ages, the gruelling digital and analogue correspondences with the HDB jedis finally ended with a delightful key-giving ceremony!
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18 Mar 12

Pink Floyd Instagram

When I realised Instagram’s icon has colors similar to Pink Floyd’s prism and it could fit in…

Done using Sketchbook Mobile for iPhone.

pink floyd instagram

17 Mar 12

Beautiful Draw Something Doodles

Draw Something? What’s that? Oh, you addict. LOL.

These drawings aren’t really that pretty but I guess 5 minutes of your life wouldn’t be wasted looking at the Draw Something doodles below.

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1 Mar 12

Facebook Timeline for Pages is Up!

Alright, the long awaited timeline feature for Facebook pages is now being implemented! Facebook says that by 30 March 2012, all Facebook pages will be gracing the new Timeline layout.

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1 Mar 12

Lion City Skaters Best Trick Competition @ *SCAPE

Lion City Skaters are organizing a mini Best Trick Competition tomorrow, and the event promo banner just got approved a while ago. LOL it’s pretty late, but hey we’ve got hardcore skateboarders here in Singapore and I reckon there’s gonna be tough competition tomorrow. Read more

1 Feb 12

Agnes B. iPhone Wallpapers

My iPhone has been sporting the simple sophisticated Agnes B. look for more than a year now, and I feel she should share her wallpapers with other Agnes B. fans out there. Read more

20 Jan 12

Hey It’s Azhar Kamar Updating His Blog

It’s been almost 2 months since my last post and I feel guilt creeping on me LOL.

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