Domain Redirection – How to Make a 301 Redirect in cPanel

21 Apr 2010

Domain redirections are common for many reasons for example, when your website has shifted to another domain, your company name has changed therefore registering a new domain name, or having many domains for 1 same website and you want all domains to point to this main domain.

So one simple way is to configure a domain redirect (301 Redirect) is via the cPanel function, Redirect. It’s fast and easy. No PHP codings, no .htaccess file modifications. The version I’m using is cPanel X (WHM Accelerated 2).

Configure 301 Redirection in cPanel

1. Login into your cPanel account of your domain (http://your-domain:2082).
2. Under the Domains group, find the icon named Redirects.
3. Under Type, select Permanent (301).
4. Under the **All Public Domains** drop down list, select your domain name.
5. Enter the URL you want to redirect to in the ‘redirects to’ textfield. Enter it in full e.g.
6. Select the radio button Redirect with or without www.
7. Make sure the Wild Card Redirect check box isn’t checked.
8. Now click ‘Add’ and you’re done!

You should now test your domain redirection and see if it works. If it doesn’t redirect as it should, you might want to wait a while and try again.

Author - Azhar Kamar

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