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13 Apr 2010

“New graphic t-shirts released weekly. Awesome new designs submitted and rated by the Threadless community.”

If you have never heard about Threadless, I strongly suggest you go there right now and check out their super cool graphic t-shirt designs. Haha!
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Threadless is the coolest ever online t-shirt store! The website really has this hip factor – attractive graphics and user-friendly functions and features. It’s so simple to get a tee of your preference; you can sort by the t-shirt colour, price, size, category, collection and awesomeness.[adsense1]

And, I’ve just received my Threadless tee this morning. It’s called ‘Kill Monotony’ by Ankel Dika. I ordered that tee about 3 weeks ago via normal shipping and woke up this morning with the sweet package by my bed. Wrapped inside was the tee, together with a few Threadless stickers.

The First Threadless Tee, and More To Come

During the time of purchase, there was the USD10 offer, so the whole thing (including shipping) cost me around SGD18. And that’s considered very cheap; and very good! The t-shirt is of great quality, and bears an exclusive and expensive design (all Threadless designers are paid USD2500 for their graphic designs!). I hope to submit my very own design to Threadless someday… Haha!

Azhar Kamar with Kill Monotony by Ankel Dika - Threadless

Ok, here’s a photo of me wearing the ‘Kill Monotony’ tee shirt design by Ankel Dika (an awesome designer dude). I submitted this picture to Threadless in hope they select it to be displayed in their gallery and, they approved it within a day and put it up in the gallery. Click here to view it (if it’s not there, it would be at the Kill Monotony gallery).

So what in the world are you waiting for, visit Threadless now!

Author - Azhar Kamar
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  1. Iskandar

    Bro, what size do you wear?

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    Yo! I use a size M and it fits perfect. Maybe you should refer here – I’m using American Apparel, size M.

  2. Azhar Kamar

    Super duper cool.

  3. Tim

    threadless designs are damn cool…

  4. Riyanna

    Wow! That’s a nice T-shirt. I think I’m going to get one for myself too. And it’s cheap!

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