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19 Mar 2012

After what seemed like ages, the gruelling digital and analogue correspondences with the HDB jedis finally ended with a delightful key-giving ceremony!

Ok in short, Riyanna and I have collected our shiny new keys to our spanking new home at Coral Spring!

Coral Spring was a BTO project launched by HDB like 5 years back, and we were blessed enough to be awarded with an apartment through our application from its Sale of Balance flats exercise. We got it in a mere 5 months (from the date of application) instead of the usual 5 years and we thank God for this blessing.

It don’t come easy though – It involves lots of patience, research, persistence, but most importantly, God’s will. And we are extremist-ly grateful for this.

I really hope to share our humble journey here, in hope that it would shed some light on the matter of applying for a new HDB flat for young Singaporean newbies like us.

I say today, 19 March 2012, is the happiest day of my life of 25 years so far. ;)

Alright folks, it’s photo time.

What we got from HDB this beautiful morning

Just chllin’ like a baws

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