Facebook Profile and Page Timeline PSD Template Free Download

13 Mar 2012

So you’re all hyped up about creating that cool Facebook timeline profile or page? Of course you are. Well I’m pleased to announce that you’ve just won yourself a free, juicy Facebook page and profile timeline PSD template! LOL

Page and profile? What tha diff? They’ve got a teeny weeny bit of difference – The profile photo placement for the Facebook page timeline is 17 pixels lower than that of the Facebook profile. As for the cover photo, there’s no difference.

This little template contains 2 different main groups, the separated and combined masking for the cover and profile photo. You can learn more about it below.

Grab the PSD template now using the download link down there!

Download Facebook Page & Profile Timeline Template

Instructions & Explanations

Facebook page timeline combined

  • Click the big black button above to download facebook_profile_page_timeline_template.psd
  • You’ll see 2 main folders, separated and combined. The former contains the profile and cover photo asked separately. The separated folder contains both photo masks merged together to allow you to create the cool effect that you see in the image above, here and here.
  • Then simply replace layers indicated in red with your own image.
  • Within each folder, you will see another 2 folders named facebook profile and facebook page respectively. As stated above, the only difference is that the Facebook page’s profile photo is 17 pixels lower than the Facebook profile’s. I created 2 folders simply to ease your work.
  • Once you’re happy with your new bombastic timeline design, just Save for Web & Devices (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + s) and export the slices selectively. You might need to right click Slice 5 and Bring to Front.

You might wanna post your masterpieces in the comments section.
Have fun!

[UPDATE – 29 March 2012]
Facebook has made it harder for us to play around with this harmless design hack (no freaking idea why) by increasing the minimum size for a profile photo upload to 180 by 180 pixels, previously 125 by 125 pixels. Hence when you upload your saved profile photo image, Facebook will throw you an error saying your file dimensions is too small.

So the workaround is simple. After saving your sliced profile photo (facebook_profile_photo.jpg), open it again in Photoshop and do a resize to 180 pixels. Resave, reupload, and you’re done!

Author - Azhar Kamar
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  1. nice bubbly background. thanks for sharing the PSD file.

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