20 Beautiful Free Wavy Backgrounds for Web Design

27 Oct 2011

Usually when I design a web page, let’s say a Christmas e-newsletter, I’ll start off with planning the layout for the content first, and then get to the arty farty stuff. That’s when sometimes I experience the dreaded creative block and say “How in the world do I make this design fantastic?”.

There are many web design techniques that we can use but for this post, I’ll focus on the usage of wavy background patterns. I realize that simple lines and curves can easily enhance the look of a webpage and this seems to work very effectively for me and my clients.

So here you go, a bunch of free hi-res wavy backgrounds for your design!

For the images in .JPG format, you can play around with the colors in Photoshop by using Color fill or adjusting the Hue/Saturation (there are many commands available) to get to the color that you want.

Backgrounds in .jpg Format

Backgrounds in .ai, .eps and .svg Format

Author - Azhar Kamar