How to Mass Email Newsletters to Customers from PrestaShop Back Office – Module

18 Aug 2011

I remember when I was developing an e-commerce site using PrestaShop for the first time, I got into some confusion with the Newsletter modules. The problem was that I couldn’t find a way to mass email newsletters to all my customers from the back office!

I wonder why PrestaShop’s developers didn’t implement such an important and fundamental function. Well, at least for the version I’m using, version 1.3.7.

I believe the newer PrestaShop versions comes with a mass emailing module.

By default, a fresh installation of PrestaShop 1.3.x would include these newsletter modules:

  • Newsletter v2.0, generates a .CSV file containing newsletter subscription details
  • Newsletter block v1.4, a block in the frontend to allow for newsletter subscription
  • Newsletter v1.0, statistics for newsletter registrations

However, there isn’t a module in the back office that can be used for email blasting of newsletters to customers. So I set off in search for such a module and enlightening me was, this Brazilian PrestaShop fellow.

So here’s how to install and use a module for conveniently mass emailing customers from the PrestaShop Back Office. For your information

Installing the Newsletter Module

  • Download the Newsletter module v1.4 ZIP file by clicking the download link below.
  • Login to your PrestaShop back office and click the Modules tab.
  • Click Add a new module and browse for the file you just downloaded (
  • Click Upload this module and your module will be installed.
Download Newsletter Module v1.4

Setting up the Newsletter Tab in the Back Office

You’ll need a page in the back office to facilitate this mass emailing function.

  • Unzip the file, open it and go into the folder admin > tabs.
  • There, you’ll see a file – AdminNewsletter.php.
  • Using your favorite FTP software, upload AdminNewsletter.php into your-admin-folder/tabs.
  • Now log on to your back office and go to Tools > Tabs.
  • Click Add new and you will be directed to a page where you’ll have to enter details for your new tab.
  • Then enter these information accordingly:
    • Name: Newsletter
    • Class: AdminNewsletter
    • Module: leave this empty (depending on your version, you might not have this input field)
    • Icon: Select email icon (email.gif) in the newsletter_v1.4 folder.
    • Parent: Modules
  • Click Save and you’re done!

How to Use the Send Newsletter Module

  • From the back office, go to Modules and click the Newsletter link beside the Positions link at the top left.
  • Before sending out an email to a huge number of recipients, you should always send a test broadcast to yourself for error-checking purposes. Enter your Subject and Message and check Mailer Test.
  • Under Email, enter the email address you want to send the test e-newsletter to and then click Send Mail.
  • Once you’re ready to broadcast the email to your customers, choose from 3 options – to email all customers in the system, email only customers who signed up for the Newsletter, or email customers whose birthday is on a certain date, click Send Mail, and mass email accomplished!

So that’s all fellas – Have fun and good luck!



Author - Azhar Kamar
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  1. chandu says:

    Hey i try to send mass emails to all customers,i fallowed the above procedure.The problem iam getting is status of the mail is displaying FAILED iam unable to find the solution for it.please anyone can guide me how to solve the issue

  2. Jens Orleth says:

    Hi! I can’t install the module. My Back Office says I need to enter the “Modul URL” I then enter this C:\Users\Samsung\Desktop\
    Then it says: “This is not at valued modul URL (it has to end with .tar)”

    Can anyone help me?

    Best regards
    Jens Orleth

  3. Marc says:

    I made a module too, come see the video!

    Quick and easy installation?
    7 template to choose(Validated XHTML compatible with leading email software and web mail)?
    Custom themes available on request
    Background and price color customizable
    Quick and easy visual selection of products
    Automatic selection of new products and price drops
    Adding Links??
    Automatic unsubscribe to the newsletter
    User Management (Add, delete …)??
    Import CSV list
    Antiflood system?
    Complete integration functionality prestashop??
    Configurable statistics for Google Analytics
    Sending emails in backgroun


  4. SMORE says:

    Is there a way to choose the customers by customer group?

  5. Denis says:

    I have problem with TinyMCE, it doesn’t load… I tried to change path to javascript library to “../js/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js” (default in PrestaShop 1.4) but it doesn’t help…

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    @Denis, this module was only tested on PS version 1.3.7.

    …wait. I think you’re asking a question not related to this article. LOL

    Katka replied:

    @Azhar Kamar,
    taky mám problém s TinyMCE, taktéž se mi nena?te :-( jinak funguje, tedy vyzkoušen pouze testovací mail, cht?la bych ale p?idávat obrázky a odkazy….máte n?kdo ?ešení. Má verze presta shopu existuje už n?jaký free modul pro tuto verzi, aby šlapala i s posíláním obrázk? ?

  6. prestaboy says:

    great and cheap opportunity to send emails directly via prestashop. But I got a problem, my customer database is about 500. I can’t upgrade the sending speed, so the module sends 2 emails in 1 minute. Any idea how to improve this?

  7. pppplus says:

    And now, there is a module, to send emailing, directly from Prestashop.
    You can choose to whom sending emails (all customers, newsletters subscribers, groups of customer).
    You can add images, whithout notice in emails reader.

    Emails are send both in HTML and TXT format.

    Module is here :

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    @pppplus, thanks for the share!

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