How to Mass Email Newsletters to Customers from PrestaShop Back Office – Module

18 Aug 2011

I remember when I was developing an e-commerce site using PrestaShop for the first time, I got into some confusion with the Newsletter modules. The problem was that I couldn’t find a way to mass email newsletters to all my customers from the back office!

I wonder why PrestaShop’s developers didn’t implement such an important and fundamental function. Well, at least for the version I’m using, version 1.3.7.

I believe the newer PrestaShop versions comes with a mass emailing module.

By default, a fresh installation of PrestaShop 1.3.x would include these newsletter modules:

  • Newsletter v2.0, generates a .CSV file containing newsletter subscription details
  • Newsletter block v1.4, a block in the frontend to allow for newsletter subscription
  • Newsletter v1.0, statistics for newsletter registrations

However, there isn’t a module in the back office that can be used for email blasting of newsletters to customers. So I set off in search for such a module and enlightening me was, this Brazilian PrestaShop fellow.

So here’s how to install and use a module for conveniently mass emailing customers from the PrestaShop Back Office. For your information

Installing the Newsletter Module

  • Download the Newsletter module v1.4 ZIP file by clicking the download link below.
  • Login to your PrestaShop back office and click the Modules tab.
  • Click Add a new module and browse for the file you just downloaded (
  • Click Upload this module and your module will be installed.

[jbutton size=”large” rounded=”yes” color=”green” link=”″]Download Newsletter Module v1.4[/jbutton]

Setting up the Newsletter Tab in the Back Office

You’ll need a page in the back office to facilitate this mass emailing function.

  • Unzip the file, open it and go into the folder admin > tabs.
  • There, you’ll see a file – AdminNewsletter.php.
  • Using your favorite FTP software, upload AdminNewsletter.php into your-admin-folder/tabs.
  • Now log on to your back office and go to Tools > Tabs.
  • Click Add new and you will be directed to a page where you’ll have to enter details for your new tab.
  • Then enter these information accordingly:
    • Name: Newsletter
    • Class: AdminNewsletter
    • Module: leave this empty (depending on your version, you might not have this input field)
    • Icon: Select email icon (email.gif) in the newsletter_v1.4 folder.
    • Parent: Modules
  • Click Save and you’re done!

How to Use the Send Newsletter Module

  • From the back office, go to Modules and click the Newsletter link beside the Positions link at the top left.
  • Before sending out an email to a huge number of recipients, you should always send a test broadcast to yourself for error-checking purposes. Enter your Subject and Message and check Mailer Test.
  • Under Email, enter the email address you want to send the test e-newsletter to and then click Send Mail.
  • Once you’re ready to broadcast the email to your customers, choose from 3 options – to email all customers in the system, email only customers who signed up for the Newsletter, or email customers whose birthday is on a certain date, click Send Mail, and mass email accomplished!

So that’s all fellas – Have fun and good luck!



Author - Azhar Kamar