2 Ways to Tag Friends on Facebook

3 Jun 2011
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Most of us already know how to tag your friends in comments and statuses using the ‘@’ symbol. A popup will appear and you select your friend. That’s Twitter’s style, tagging someone using the ‘@’ symbol. Now Facebook is using it too. Wow that’s so cool.

Well I found another way just now when I was typing too fast. Just type your friend’s name exactly how it is, and that smart drop down list will appear. You don’t have to use the ‘@’ symbol.

Come, I’ll show you. Ain’t no big deal but I just wanna show you.

Tagging Friends using the @ Symbol

This is the normal way, as explained by Facebook’s software engineer Tom Occhino here.

Tagging Friends by Facebook Name

This is the punk rock way. Just type your friend’s name exactly as it is and once you reach the fifth character of your friend’s name, the magical popup will show up.

Author - Azhar Kamar
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