The New Facebook Email

16 May 2011

As you might already know, Facebook rolled out their new messaging feature – a personalized email address ( reported this on November 15th, 2010). I just got the notification that my Facebook email address had been set up this morning (here in Singapore) so I’ll just explain a bit on what I know about it.

It’s a location-based (but why?) upgrade I guess, similar to Facebook Places. It’s cool now that we all have a Facebook email address. For mine, they configured the email username to be the same as my profile URL ( so it’s

So where do emails end up when you send it to The Facebook Messages Inbox of course.

Notification on the New Facebook Email

Just for fun, I’ll show you the screenshots on how I was notified.


Your Facebook Email Inbox

I sent a test email from to and here’s how it looks like:

And then I replied from Facebook and this is how it ends up in my Google Apps email inbox:

Author - Azhar Kamar

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