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  1. Arkadia says:

    Hi there, I am building a prestashop site.

    Having trouble finding a solution for this one. I’m having a login-logout issue in the front office. So I sign in as a test user then when I click on another page like “home” or “shop by brand” I get logged out. There are some pages I can click on without getting logged out like the “my account”, “my wishlist”, “customer service” and the “shop by category” pages. But if I try to log in then visit the home page and a few other pages, the user gets logged out. Do you have any ideas/thoughts about what could be causing this? Where some pages you stay logged in and on other pages you get logged out…

    Thanks for your help!! :)

  2. Cristi says:

    Hi, i had the same issue with the Prestashop.
    with your specifications didn’t work, so i tuned a little bit :

    AND (!isset($this->_content[‘remote_addr’]) OR $this->_content[‘remote_addr’] == ip2long(Tools::getRemoteAddr()) OR

    will be :

    and ($this->_content[‘remote_addr’] == ip2long(Tools::getRemoteAddr()) OR

    Thank you !

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    @Cristi, thanks for the valuable input!

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