10 Creative Stop Motion Ads from Big Companies

3 May 2011

Stop motion is an animation technique that has been used since the 1900s. This technique only requires the use of a camera (or video camera) to shoot stills and without any computer generated effects, can achieve awesome and unique results.

That’s what also makes it quite challenging to pull off a great video using this technique as physically manipulating the objects requires a lot of time, effort and creativity. Big companies utilize stop motion animation in their ads to make them look more fun and interesting as this technique easily achieves those factors.

So here’s a collection of 10 stop motion advertisements from renowned companies that are worth watching.


There’s also a funny ‘making-of’ video for this commercial. Watch it here.

Sony PSP

I wonder how long they took to make this brilliant 4 minute video.

Amazon Kindle

If you like this video, there’s a part 2 and 3 to it. You can watch them here and here.







Erbert and Gerbert’s

Author - Azhar Kamar

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