3 Awesome Lock Screen iPhone Apps

19 Mar 2011

The iPhone’s default ‘Slide to unlock’ can be pretty boring. Customizing how you unlock your iPhone would be unique and can also allow for easier unlocking or better security.

There are a few Cydia apps for lock screen customizing and I’m going to touch on 3 of the best lock screen apps:
1. i4 Invisible Slider
2. AndroidLock XT Cracked
3. Move2Unlock

1. i4 Invisible Slider

I4 Invisible Slider is the first app I downloaded and what it does is totally remove the silder from the lock screen. The sliding function remains, so to unlock your device, just slide the same area where the default slider used to be.

To download it, just search for ‘i4 Invisible Slider’ in Cydia, install it and activate it from Winterboard.

2. AndroidLock XT Cracked

I’ve been using this app for the longest time before I found Move2Unlock (see below). This one mimics the Android way of unlocking and even more.

Here are some of the cool additional features:
– customizable appearance and themes
– enable / disable switch
– maximum attempts limit

What’s great about the android lock screen is that it applies the security feature differently from the traditional way of entering a password (or passcode).

Here’s a fancy letter ‘R’ I configured for unlocking my iPhone. To unlock my phone, I’ll have ‘draw’ that ‘R’ – Slide up, right, down, left and diagonal right. Notice that the 9 circle dots aren’t there because their transparency can be set.

To download it, just search for ‘AndroidLock XT Cracked’ in Cydia, install it and activate it from Settings.

3. Move2Unlock

Move2Unlock is perhaps the fasted and easiest way to unlock your iPhone. You just have to slide your finger in any way on the lock screen and your device will be unlocked. Worrying about accidental unlocking? No worries, the sensitivity and ‘how-far-to-drag-your-finger’ can be adjusted.

I’m sure you have been in a situation where you’re rushing to unlock your phone but you can’t unlock it in one try because yeah, you’re in a rush. You don’t do things right. So with Move2Unlock, you don’t have to worry about sliding your finger in a certain way. Just brush your screen, that’s it.

And the cool thing is, your wallpaper will be dragged in the direction your finger moves, so it will seem like you’re actually moving the lock screen away to reveal the home screen under it (see images below).

To download it, just search for ‘Move2Unlock’ in Cydia, install it and activate it from Settings.

So tell me, which one is your favorite?

1. All three apps above have only been tested on iOS 4.0 and 4.1.
2. If you can’t find those apps, it’s because you haven’t added the sources yet.
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Author - Azhar Kamar
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  1. Em says:

    where do you get these lock screens?

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    @Em, ermmm… from Cydia. Read my post above fully, I believe my explanation is clear and concise. ;)

  2. Yanna says:

    Great info! I’m using Move2Unlock too… Yeah it is e easiest way so far…

  3. joe ho says:

    Move2Unlock is cool! Thanks for sharing dude.

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    @joe ho, yeah that’s my favorite.

    raj replied:

    but this is paid version…

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