My Top 5 iPhone Apps for Making Music

21 Jan 2011

I’ve downloaded so many music apps and so far only 5 managed to stay in my iPhone.

So here’s my top 5 apps for making, playing or just fooling around with music in the iPhone. If you’re a music kinda person, I strongly recommend these apps.

1. iShred
– guitar app with many cool gadgets and other great functions.

2. Drums!
drums! app
– Best drumming app. You can play a song from your iPod in the background and drum along! Super-realistic sounds.

3. iAmDrums
– 2nd best drumming app.

4. Argon

– A synthesizer that has many cool effects.

5. Harmonica

– Play the harmonica like a real-life one! Works better with fingers though.

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Author - Azhar Kamar

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