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3 May 2010

BumpTop has been acquired by Google with effect from yesterday, 2nd May 2010. Google is having so much fun acquiring companies. BumpTop is a Canadian company which Google Inc. acquired for US$30 million. Google plans to integrate BumpTop to their upcoming Operating System, Google Chrome OS, which is to be released in late 2010.

What on Earth is BumpTop?

It’s an interesting 3D desktop environment. BumpTop is designed to improve normal computer desktop design by imitating the behaviour of a real-world desk. And just yesterday, Google bought over the company and BumpTop will no longer be available for sale and support.

They are letting people download BumpTop for the last chance here – The download page will be there for only a week, which will end on the 7th of May 2010. So if you’re interested, go grab your copy now!

BumpTop Desktop Environment

Here’s a screenshot of the BumpTop Desktop Environment:
BumpTop BetaBumpTop on a Windows Vista

» Download BumpTop


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