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22 Jan 2010

I was going to the toilet at Boon Keng MRT station when I saw a 5 men outside, making a hell of a commotion. They were arguing about something and I was clueless until I heard the guy who seemed to be dominated by the other 4, saying “…but I was just clearing my throat and I spit…”. So, it was a case of a spitting offence. Just last 2 weeks, my colleague was fined $300 for littering a cigarette butt in the drain. And a few months back, my boss was fined $150 for littering a cigarette butt too. Unfortunately for my colleague, the fine had been doubled during her time of offence.

Fine Amount for Littering and Spitting in Singapore

Littering in Singapore carries a fine of $300. And so does spitting. Yes, Singapore is strict with its rules and regulations, but it’s a trade off for a clean and safe country with a high standard of living. And of course, that comes with a high cost of living.

Who can Fine You for Littering and Spitting?

The government body, NEA (National Environmental Agency), is the main enforcer who is issuing the fines. They are everywhere, most active during the lunch hours, 12PM to 2PM. I’ve seen them before, they are dressed in a white polo t-shirt bearing the NEA logo at the chest area. These personnel carry a bag where all their equipment and fine notice forms are. Other organizations that can fine you include the Singapore Police Force, SMRT officers, Park Rangers and even security officers/guards. So, be on the look out everytime you wish to throw a tissue paper or clear your mouth full of saliva inconsiderately.

How Do You Pay a Fine?

I myself was fined once, about 5 years ago, at Marina Promenade Park (now the Singapore Flyer) for littering a cigarette butt. At that time, it was $150 and I had to pay the fine by going to the NEA headquarters at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Now, technology has allowed for paying fines electronically and you can do so online or through AXS machines islandwide.

Remember, Singapore is a Fine City.

Author - Azhar Kamar
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  1. A says:

    It’s cigarette butt, not bud.

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    @A, oh yes of course! thanks dude, i have corrected that. probably half sleeping at the time of writing lol

  2. jeorge says:

    hello, month of May 2009 i was fine of SGD300 throwing a cig bud @ orchard wheelock place facade, an officer issued me a ticket/form and he told me to pay thru axs machine however until now i haven’t paid yet, its already 2011 going to 2012. So almost 3 years now. I want to make a payment but NEA told me i need to go to the Office of Headquarter/police station at ang mo kio to pay the charges… OMG, am afraid to go because they might handcuff me and bring to jail…Can u guys help me on this!!! Thanks :)

  3. DEINNE says:


    Azhar Kamar replied:

    @DEINNE, there’s a ‘Fines’ option on the right of the AXS screen…

    jeorge replied:

    @DEINNE, did u pay ou’re fine already?

  4. Azhar Kamar says:

    Yeah I feel you. Haha ;-D

  5. dylan says:

    i was fined last year too. $150 fly away.the NEA officer never give chance one.

  6. Kumaran says:

    Singapore sumtimes too strict la…..

  7. Koo says:

    Yeah I hope you get a distinction alright.

  8. UGG Boots says:

    I found this article useful in a paper I am writing at university. Hopefully, I get an A+ now!

    Bernice Franklin

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