Photoshop Tutorial – Retro Pop Art Effect Using Simulate Pressure & Color Halftones

11 Jan 2010

Here’s a great tutorial on how to create a Retro Pop Art portrait in Photoshop. It’s for intermediate Photoshoppers, so be sure to know your stuff first before jumping into this tutorial. This tutorial requires a lot of the pen tool, brushes with simulate pressure, some drawing and tracing skill, good color combination and halftones.

Here’s the link to the site with the great tutorial:

Retro Pop Art of Riyanna

Here’s my own version using the tutorial above – A retro pop art of Riyanna. I love color halftones, they create a nice retro effect. And the simulate pressure feature of the brush tool makes the outlines of the artwork look like a real drawing using markers.
Retro Pop Art of Riyanna - Photoshop

Well if you have any questions regarding the tutorial, feel free to ask me here.

Author - Azhar Kamar

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