Adsense Text Ads – Choosing the Font, Size and Color Theme

5 Dec 2009

This is one of a few basic techniques that is important to a Google Adsense publisher, or any text ad publisher. You must know how to choose the suitable font, size, and most importantly the color theme for your Adsense text ad as these factors may determine a significant increase in the amount of clicks you get on your ads.

When I first started out, I used colors that stand out in contrast with the web page contents. My website’s color theme was black, green and blue and I customized my Adsense ad unit using pink and orange for text and yellow for the background. I noticed for a month that the click-through rate was very low. So I tried blending the ad with the page content and walla, the amount of clicks gradually increased.

Blending Adsense Ad Units with Content in a Web Page

An ad unit should blend in with the rest of the content in your web page by following the color theme of the web page. Blending is easy, just match the colors of the links and text of the ad to your web page – that’s it. You’ll also have to be quite good in color mixing.

In this blog, the font and color theme of the ads match with the other contents. There’s one image ad at the top of this blog (used to be a text ad) and 2 ads within the blog post. I chose images only for the top 2 ads and am still experimenting. I feel that with my blog design, image ad banners would look much better than text ads.[adsense]

Adsense Font Family and Size

A thing to note about the font size of the text in Adsense units is that they may vary according to the ad unit dimension and also the number of ads that appears in the unit. So sometimes the font size and even the font family may change even though you have specified them at your AdSense administrator panel.

Well that’s it for now, the other important technique in the art of Adsensing is ad placement and I will discuss that soon.

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