Marlboro Ice Blast – Singapore’s Coolest Cigarette

14 Dec 2009

Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to promote smoking. It’s merely an information-based article from a user’s perspective and experience from a brand of cigarette.

First and foremost, I’d like to emphasize that smoking is harmful and it’ll cause health, family and other problems, if not now, later. Yeah dudes it’s true. It’s gonna happen to you. Nah joking.

Singapore’s Coolest Cigarette

Ok, I just bought a pack of Marlboro Ice Blast last night and I must say, it’s the coolest cigarette – Literally! The cooling sensation that drives through your throat is like no other. Well it’s a new brand of Marlboro cigarettes in Singapore, made in Europe under the authority of Philip Morris Products S.A., Switzerland. I googled “Marlboro Ice Blast” but can’t seem to find other countries offering this so I guess it’s only released here in Singapore. Marlboro Ice Blast was first released in Singapore, but now it’s available in Japan and Hong Kong too.

Some quick facts regarding this cigarette – It’s a menthol-flavoured cigarette which contains approximately 8 milligrams of tar and 0.6 milligrams of my evil friend, nicotine. It contains a super-cool ICEBALL™ inside the filter of the cigarette that you have to crush first, before smoking the cigarette.

Most shops are selling Marlboro Ice Blast for SGD11.80 a whooping 12 bucks now – The standard market price I guess. 7 Eleven and some other popular stores sell it at that price, but there are some provisional shops that sell it at a cheaper price. The cheapest I got was SGD10.80 at a Changi Village shop.


Marlboro Ice Blast is a special, unique kind of menthol cigarette mainly because it has this special technology – A green ball called the ICEBALL™ which is at the upper part of the filter which you have to press to break before lighting and smoking the cigarette, to enhance the menthol taste and flavour of the cigarette. As quoted from a paragraph at the back of the cigarette:

“Supercharge your icy cold taste sensation by crushing the ICEBALL™. When you choose.”

I tried smoking with and without crushing the Iceball, and I found a significant difference in taste and menthol essence when the cigarette is smoked with the ball crushed. Without crushing the Iceball, the cigarette will have a similar taste to Marlboro Menthol Lights or Ice Mint. After crushing, it adds a cooling taste, similar to that of when you pop a Mentos Spearmint in your mouth. Yummy…

Once, I tore the filter and took out the Iceball without breaking it, just to see exactly how it looks and feels like. That Iceball feels like plasticine. And when I broke it, an oily liquid discharged from the ball. I guess that liquid is the one that’s doing the cooling work. I’m gonna drink it whenever I’m thirsty.

How to Crush the ICEBALL™

Well, it’s very easy. There’s a mark on the upper part of the filter of the cigarette showing an illustration of the Iceball. Press hard using your thumb and index finger (it’s easier if you use your nails) and you’ll hear a faint “pop” sound. A cooler way to crush it is to bite the area where the ball is using your upper and lower front teeth. It’s crushed – Now light up and enjoy your cigarette!

Marlboro Around the World

Marlboro Ice Blast is exclusively available only in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Other countries have their own unique Marlboro flavours too, for instance Egypt has Marlboro Flavor Mix and Indonesia has Marlboro Kretex. Would like to try them someday!

Check out this cool list of Marlboro products –

Author - Azhar Kamar
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    Hello, I would like to subscribe for this weblog to obtain newest updates, thus where can
    i do it please help out.

  2. Ra

    Just bought them in France for €6 same price as normal Marlboros. They have a mg less CO in them than normal golds. They also have them in Reds too. Know anyone in France that can get them for you?

  3. ercan

    Thank you indeed have a very beautiful work

  4. Flavio

    what’s in the blue ice balls?
    I know of essential oils of menthol,
    but what has made the coating that remains in the filter?

  5. willy

    try ice blast on last sunday… damn it’s totally rock dude, the icy blast came through my throat like ice… waiting for a friend of mine bring it from sing this saturday… this will be my fav cig.. hopefully we’ll soon find it in indo

  6. Susie

    Theres a perforated edge right behind the menthol ball where you can tear off half the filter for a stronger cigarette!

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    @Susie, True that!

  7. Matthew

    We have it here in South Africa.. Its called blue ice.. The best menthol money can buy

  8. Sue

    ice blast is already in malaysia last week..=]..happy..=]

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    @Sue, really? Awesome! I’m going to smuggle some to Singapore. I hope ICA isn’t reading this lol

  9. Soutie

    Anybody tried to eat it yet? Want to know if the Ice ball is safe to eat?

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    @Soutie, LOL. Ok I’ll try it on a mouse first and update you later aaight.

  10. marlboro cigarettes

    Yeah, thanks for the information provided on Marlboro ice blast but I want to know more on marlboro cigarettes as these brand has more sale than others.

  11. Azhar Kamar

    No, baby. We don’t sell no cigarettes or cigarillos here.

  12. flemingstuart

    I just like to bought a pack of Marlboro Ice Blast and it is the coolest cigarette.Please can anyone recommend me cost of marlboro cigarette.

  13. Cheap party supplie

    One of the coolest cigarettes i had ever smoke, i loved it but it is too expensive. I live in Sudan can anyone suggest me some cheap cigarettes store?

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    Yo, I’m from Singapore and I’ve never been to Sudan. So… yeah.
    Good luck buddy.

    tina replied:

    r u selling cigerrates?if yes reply

  14. smoka

    Available in hong kong too!

  15. smoke till you drop!

    i am in japan right now,. and marlboro ice blast is available here!

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    that’s cool… didn’t know they have it in Japan. :)

  16. Azhar Kamar

    Yeah dude it’s the best ever. And has some cool technology too, that evil iceball in it… Haha ;-)

  17. Ahbeng

    Dang… Marlboro Ice Blast is probably the best cigarette ive ever had… its amazing… :)…. hope they can export ice blast to other countries…

  18. Azhar Kamar

    Haha. Yeah Singapore’s cigarettes are one of the most expensive in the world. -_-

    And, I came across a list of Marlboro products online and found that Marlboro Ice Blast is only available in Singapore.

    Maggs replied:

    Where I can buy them ? I’m from Indonesia

    Azhar Kamar replied:

    Yo Maggs. It’s only available in Singapore. So come down to Singapore and buy them. ;)

  19. Florence Lam

    I am smoking it now. I just found out I needed to crushed the ball! It is sensational! It costs 40HKD. So it’s cheaper than getting one in Sing!

  20. alan

    ya next chill tastes good too. but ice blast is more syiok!

  21. Rayner

    next chill is like the same taste as ice blast.. might as well buy next chill, more cheaper LOL

  22. stryker

    ice blast rulez! cool blog anyway.

  23. Azhar Kamar

    Thanks stryker. I’m sure you’re a cool striker too.

  24. joenbaldwin

    I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. I found to be extremely interesting. I will be coming back to for more information.

  25. Azhar Kamar

    LOL! 50USD? A pack here costs SGD11.80. Times 10 (a carton) will be SGD118. I guess you’re offering too low a price. ;P

  26. Jason

    Would you be willing/know anyone who would, proxy and mail a carton of these Marlboro Ice Blasts to me in the United States? I’ll pay up to $50USD for some!

    don replied:

    we’ve got marlboro ice blast here in hong kong too, and i only cost HK$39(around US$5)a pack!

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