Facebook Places Launched in Singapore

16 Feb 2011

The long awaited Facebook Places has finally been launched in Singapore yesterday. It’s not that impressive though, but I believe it’s soon gonna beat the obvious competitor, Foursquare, which is the most popular app to check in to places.

Why Foursquare is better than Facebook Places

As for now, the folks at Foursquare still wins because of a few things:
- you can become the mayor of places
- you get badges for achieving certain fun check-in challenges
- the address of the venue can be manually entered

In short, Foursquare is much more interesting. But Facebook being Facebook, they’ll maybe beat Foursquare soon with enhancements to their Places feature. Why don’t you just buy over Foursquare and integrate it in Facebook, Mark? :)

Facebook Places minor privacy issue

Facebook’s Places also has a tiny privacy issue – you can just tag any of your friends in your check-in. What’s wrong with that? Ok for example, this guy is at the movies with his friends and he checks in into Facebook Places. And then this idiot guy tags a girl who is in a relationship with a dude who spilled orange juice on him during lunch earlier that day. The places feature will automatically put this up on the girl’s Facebook wall without requesting the girl for approval – Katy Perry is at The Movie Theatre with Azhar Kamar. Both of em get killed soon after and then blah blah blah you get what I mean. People will mess up this thing.

You can’t untag the friends you’ve tagged in your check-in. Facebook should do a ‘Approve tag request’ or something. Nah but this isn’t a big deal anyway. Real men don’t fight over a Facebook post.

A Fun Fact on Facebook Places

Apparently Facebook is giving a share to both Bing and Google Maps.
On (if you access from a computer), the mapping technology used is from Microsoft’s Bing Maps. On the other hand, if you access Facebook Places via mobile, it uses Google Maps.

Author - Azhar Kamar

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